Sunday, July 18, 2010

What I did to prep today

I don't do these posts too often. I should probably start doing them more just to give other people ideas. I always seem to be prepping so I don't really think about it much. It's just kind of second nature. I spent a couple of hours in the garden getting caught up with weeding. Usually, I just water it and go to work. I weed on the weekends when I have more than 20 minutes to spend in there. It amazes me how much you can get for such a small amount of work out of a garden.

After spending a few hours with the baby and some time doing some researching I decided to head over to the local big box sporting goods store. I wanted a good fixed blade knife and their selection is usually pretty good and reasonably priced. When I got there they had CRKT Pike's Peak folders on sale for $15. It was a good deal so I had to grab one for the wife. My daily carry is an urban shark so it wasn't much of an upgrade for me. CRKT makes some great knives, though, so having a spare or two around isn't a bad thing. I almost picked up a 5" Condor Bushcraft knive for $32. I was impressed by the quality of the sheath, the thickness of the blade and the decent edge. I don't like buying anything that I know nothing about without doing some research, though, so I held off. After a quick Google search it looks like a solid blade so I'll be going back tomorrow morning to snatch it up. Reviews will follow.

Walking through the camping section I noticed some interesting stuff. They had some Datrex bars so I grabbed a brick of them since they always seem to be out of stock. They also had some small bags of dehydrated eggs for $3.99. On the package it says that they're the equivalent of 12 eggs. I will be doing a review on them soon. I almost bought a #10 can of dehydrated eggs just a few days ago but I opted for a can of freeze dried ground beef instead. Now I'm glad I skipped the eggs. They're not something that I'd want to buy a bunch of without giving them a try first. These packets are the perfect size for what I'd want to keep in my BOB or take with me on a camping trip. There is a scoop inside and they're resealable. As an afterthought I grabbed a couple of boxes of pistol primers.

From there I headed to the army surplus store. I was really in the mood to buy a solid fixed blade but they didn't have anything besides Kaybars and no name crap. They did have a pretty cool little low tech gadget that I almost jumped on, though. It was a block of gypsum inside of a plastic container. The idea is to fill the container with kerosene or something and let the gypsum absorb it. It becomes a firestarter that you can retrieve from your campfire after you put it out. Cool idea. Kind of bulky. It looked messy. I passed. I did grab a Lansky folding diamond sharpener, though. It's basically a two sided diamond sharpening stone that folds up like a butterfly knife. I took it home and FINALLY managed to put an edge on a really crappy beater knife that I bought a while back. I'll see how well it works on my hatchet tomorrow night. It's extremely compact and easy to use so I can see it seamlessly fitting into my bugout gear.

So what did you do to prep today?