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Details Magazine Interview

I was interviewed by Details magazine today. I guess that the whole "survivalist" mentality really is hitting the main stream pop culture. Maybe if enough people catch on it'll soften the blow a bit if the ball really does drop. The article should appear in the November issue. That might actually be a good enough excuse to buy a copy...

The bug bit me hard

I found a guy with a 71 Honda CL-175 that he's had in his barn for years. He sold it to me cheap and even delivered it. This is probably going to be a rat project. These things get around 70-80 mpg and they're pretty easy to work on yourself so I figure that this will make a good scoot to putt around town in. It also looks a lot cooler than a scooter. It's going to take some work to get it running again but I don't expect it to cost more than a few hundred bucks. If I can get it running good and reliable for under a grand then I will be ecstatic.