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Went to the Local Asian Market

It's been a while since I've been to an ethnic market. Indian markets charge ridiculous prices for their "special aged rice". Besides the big, overpriced bags of rice there's just nothing interesting that they have to offer unless you're after some authentic Indian cuisine. It's impossible to identify anything in a latino market unless you speak Spanish. The prices are good as long as you know what you're buying, though. I don't. Asian markets, on the other hand, are worth checking out.

If it comes in a bag then you can find it in a big bag. If it comes in a bottle then you can find it in a big bottle. If it comes in a get the picture. You won't find a better selection of cheap rice anywhere. Herbs are sold in bulk for next to nothing. Most of what they sell is dried or otherwise preserved. You can count on everything being cheap and the employees tend to be very helpful. If you have an asian market nearby then I…

Finally caught Apocalypse Man

I haven't been watching much TV at all lately. In fact, I didn't even know about Armageddon Week on the History Channel. It really made me think about how long it's been since I turned on a TV for something besides PS3 or a movie considering that the History Channel is one of two or three stations that I actually watch. I haven't really been keeping up with the other blogs, either, so I missed it if everyone else has been talking about it. Anyway, last night I found myself bored with nothing to do so I decided to see what was on. Apocalypse Man immediately grabbed my attention.

Right away I started picking out everything that most traditional survivalists would complain about as "bad advice" or "dumb ideas". After all, he began the show by telling people to find the nearest city in the event of a major disaster. Depending on the scenario that could be good advice, though. I've lived in the country. I've lived in small towns. I'…

I've been a little busy

There's a ton of stuff going on in the news. The Copenhagen summit was a flop. The world is freezing. A Republican might actually win the Senate race in MA (I'm crossing my fingers but I'm not holding my breath). Haiti was decimated by an earthquake. Obamacare is in danger. Every time I turn around there's something that's got my attention. I just haven't had time to comment on anything here.

As for me, I didn't keep last year's new year's resolution. I dunno if it'll happen this year, either. I just can't bring myself to commit to the "junk land and travel trailer" plan. I'm leaning more towards the "buy a plot of land that I'll actually use and build a small but nice weekend cabin on it" plan. Unfortunately, a decent plot of land costs serious money and I refuse to go into debt to fund a retreat. The wife isn't too keen on the idea of dropping everything and moving to the boonies, either. My fi…