Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Living in Fear

So many people have it in their heads that "survivalists" are living in fear. We own and carry guns because we're afraid that a gang of thugs is going to rape our families and torture us to death. We have thousands of rounds of ammo on hand because we're afraid that we'll be at ground zero when world war 3 breaks out. We have pantries full of weeks or months worth of food because we're afraid that we'll go to the grocery store one day and there will be no food on the shelves. It amazes me how some people can draw conclusions like that from those types of actions.

One of the first things that people ask me when I start getting on the subject of preparedness is "what are you afraid of?" That's the thing. I'm not afraid of those types of things because I've prepared for them. I don't strap my gun on every day with the thought that I may have to use it. I carry it for the same reason that I carry a flashlight or a lighter. It's there in case I need it. If things get to the point where I honestly believe that there's a very real chance that I may have to use my gun then I'll be used to carrying it all the time, anyway. If things never get to that point then it will always just sit in it's holster and not bother anyone.

Living in fear, to me, isn't admitting to myself that bad things can happen and preparing myself just in case they do. If someone breaks into my house I can have some control over that situation. What I don't have any control over is when some bureaucrat decides that I wasn't within my rights to defend myself when I kill the intruder. The thought of another terrorist attack doesn't scare me at all. The chances that I'll be a victim of said attack are about as good as winning the lottery. What I'm afraid of is how the mainstream media will hype it and what lawmakers will be "forced" to do to "protect" us from another attack. I'm not afraid of some major panic where everyone rushes to the store and fights over whatever is left. I can assure you that you won't see me there if it happens. What I'm afraid of is government "officials" showing up at my door and demanding that I surrender everything that I've put away because unprepared people are starving. I'm hardly living in fear today. I just do what I can to prevent ever having to.

Friday, January 18, 2008

How they fuck you

I found these videos on another website and thought that they were interesting. It's pretty obvious that this is exactly what's going on in our government. It's nothing new but the guy does a good job of simplifying everything. If you replace "neocons" with "politicians" then it pretty much sums it all up. Not all politicians are bad but the establishment does a pretty good job of painting the ones that don't agree with them as nutjobs as soon as they start to make some noise.

Sorry that I haven't been posting. I've been pretty busy with other stuff and haven't had time to browse any message boards for my inspiration. I'll try and keep things rolling a little bit more frequently in the future.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ron Paul '08

I'm a Ron Paul supporter. I don't think that he can win thanks to the corruption in our system but I still like to keep that faint glimmer of hope alive. Yesterday he was left out of the Fox News Republican debate despite raising more money this quarter than any other Republican and actually getting more votes in Iowa than Rudy Ghouliani. Instead of just sitting out and doing nothing he went to Manchester, New Hampshire and did a town hall meeting. It's about an hour long but it's an awesome video. He really got a chance to explain his views and make people understand exactly what he wants to do. If you care about freedom and you care about your future and your families future then you need to support this guy. Get out and vote in your state's primary if you're eligible. If he can get nominated then he will win. Here are the vids.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Knowledge is power

You can live for

3 seconds without knowledge
3 minutes without air
3 hours without shelter
3 days without water
3 weeks without food

Obviously knowledge is the most important prep that you can make. Learn how to do a little bit of everything. Know how to make a fire several different ways. Know how to skin and butcher a deer. Know how to build furniture. Know how to shoot effectively. Know how to grow food. Know how to recognize edible wild plants. Know how to set a broken bone. You get the idea. A jack of all trades will always be able to get by even if he doesn't know the best and most efficient way to do something. The guy that knows everything about something but very little about anything else will be totally lost if he ever gets thrown out of his little world.

The internet is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge. If you want to learn how to do something then it's only a creative google search away. Anyone can become a jack of all trades with just a little work. Do you want to know how to make a homemade wind turbine out of a few junk parts? The information is out there. Do you want to learn how to make a shelter when you're lost in a barren desert? The information is out there. If you want to learn about how to do something then you can find the information that you need.

The information doesn't do you much good if you don't have it before the SHTF. Also, just because you saw some plans to make a home made still 2 years ago doesn't mean that you're going to remember the details down the road. Just assume that you won't be able to get on the internet if there's a major disaster. I like to surf survival message forums a lot. When I see a topic that I find interesting then I look up as much information on the topic as I can. I save some of the viable information and if it's something that I can feasibly try for myself then I try it for myself. If I read about something then I'm bound to forget about it in no time. If I actually do it then it tends to stick with me.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Get it now

There are a lot of things that we want to make sure that we have. Unfortunately we're forced to keep putting some of these things off for one reason or another. Even if you can't get everything right now you should have a list of the items that you feel you need. It is, of course, important to categorize them in order of importance, affordability and difficulty to get. Things like food, water, guns and other "survivalist staples" are pretty obvious. Food is cheap so there is absolutely no good reason not to stock up. Water is cheap, too. If nothing else you can just fill up your extra plastic bottles with water and put them on a shelf somewhere and before long you'll have a very nice stockpile that cost you practically nothing. As for firearms, just get something that you like and shoot it a lot. Learn how to shoot it accurately, from different positions and under stress and stockpile plenty of ammo for it. Wise man once said, "Fear the man with one gun. He probably knows how to use it." That kind of stuff is basic. I'd rather talk about the stuff that's a bit hard to get that might not always be available. You just might find yourself in a position where it's too late to get it when you really need it.

The first thing that springs to mind is your concealed carry permit. If you live in a shall issue state then there is absolutely no reason not to get one. In most states you have to jump through a few hoops, wait for the mountain of paperwork to process and pay a nominal fee. But once you've got it you've got it. In my state they're good for 5 years and they're fairly inexpensive to renew. To be perfectly honest I'm not afraid to walk the streets at night. I'm not worried about getting robbed. If life goes on as it has then the chances of me ever having to use my concealed firearm are practically non existent. If things start to get bad in a hurry, though, then I'll be really glad that I've got that permit and a good handgun with a comfortable, concealable holster to go with it. By then it may be too late for you to get any of the above. At the very least get a concealable handgun with a comfortable, easy to conceal holster. Law and order might break down enough that you don't need the permit anymore but in that case you'll sure as hell want a handgun at the very least. Then again you'll probably be openly carrying a rifle by that time.

Speaking of licenses this idea applies to any of them. If you don't have your hunter's safety course then you can't get your hunting license. If things get bad but they're not "too" bad then you'll still need a hunting license to procure meat. Even if things never get bad at least you'll be able to go hunting and get the skills you need if they ever do.

A HAM license is another thing that you should get. Now is the time to get the proper equipment and learn how to operate a radio. I am personally guilty of not getting my HAM license but it's high on my "to do list". If the infrastructure goes down then you won't be able to call your family across the country on the phone. Those 45 mile GMRS/FRS radios that you paid $200 for probably won't even reach to the end of your street.

Alternative energy is another thing that people take for granted. What happens when the lights go out? A generator is the best short term option. Keep a few extra gallons of fuel on hand and you should be able to get through a short term power outage fairly comfortably. That fuel won't last long, though, and if it's a major emergency then you'll be hard pressed to find enough to keep things running for a long time. Solar panels are great but they're also expensive. Wind turbines are substantially cheaper but you've got to be in an area with high winds for them to be really efficient. You'll need a battery bank to store the power that either of them generate. Solar panels don't do you any good at night and wind turbines don't do you any good when the wind isn't blowing. Another little gadget that I've been considering investing in is a bike generator. They work with any bike and you get the added benefit of getting plenty of exercise for the electricity generated.

I could go on and on about things that you won't be able to get if things get to the point where you really do need it. Hopefully this post will get you thinking.