Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garden update

My garden is going pretty well so far. The kale from last year has taken over a corner around my container gardens. I let them grow because they're a very good green. I love them and have been eating a ton of them but they just keep growing. In hard times they'll likely be a staple. You can can them, freeze them, dry them, eat them raw or cook them. They're great in a number of dishes. I've also been harvesting turnips for a few weeks now. My beans and peas should be ready soon. My summer squash should also be ready pretty soon. The "beets" that I planted turned out to be broccoli. I've already harvested some florrettes.

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I planted some acorn squash and peppers in another patch of the yard. A bunch of purslane also went nuts so I just weeded the nasty stuff and let it do it's thing. It's a really good wild edible that tastes like spinach. The stems have a citrusy taste. I've been eating a lot of them and will be planting some in strategic places in my general vicinity.

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My potatoes are starting to look a little sad. I should probably add another tire onto the stack but I figure there's at least 40 or 50#s of potatoes in there. I'll find out once I let the vines die off and start eating them.

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The sunchokes that I didn't have much hope for are thriving now. I planted some heirloom beans around them but I don't think that they're very good companion plants. I'm not expecting much from the beans but I'll probably have plenty of sunchokes.

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My three sisters garden is doing OK. The corn is all growing nicely. A few of the squash plants were eaten up so I replanted. I'm hoping that they end up producing something before the first frost. The beans seem to be doing OK but some of the vines leaves look pretty sad. For the most part they're good. We'll see.

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I have high hopes this year. I don't have much space but I think that I'll get a lot of yield. If I had some chickens and rabbits I could probably get by without many trips to the store at all. I will be canning. Even now I probably go to the store once every few weeks and spend maybe $30 or so.


Anonymous said...

Excellent job - sounds like you and your family definitely have a step up on having homegrown food.

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