Cheese is finally done

So I finally tried the cheese that I made a couple of months ago. I wasn't sure what to expect. What I ended up with was a good, edible, mild cheese that was a bit like cheddar. I could eat it every day and I wouldn't complain about it a bit.

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As you can see it ended up with a lot of little holes in it. I'm not sure what that's from. It didn't seem to affect the flavor, though. It made it a little crumbly but it was still soft with the same texture as a jack cheese or something. I let some friends try it a couple of days ago and they all liked it. I'm not going to try again until I build a press that can handle a 5 lb block. Making 1 lb of cheese is just too much work. When I can start making 5 lbs at a time I'll likely get more into it.

I hit up an estate sale today and scored a Lyman Spartan reloading press and a GI hatchet for $30. The hatchet is replacing the Coleman hatchet that I usually take to the woods. As for the press, I've got a lot of the equipment I need for the calibers that I normally shoot. I also have a ton of brass and the Speer reloading book. I mostly just need the powder, primers and bullets. Stay tuned for some updates on my adventures in reloading.


Anonymous said…
I am always impressed by your kitchen wizardry.
Anonymous said…
Outstanding! Great project, I need to get off my duff and do something like that. I think the holes are from gas formed during fermentation.
Anonymous said…
Why get off your duff? Isn't there enough government cheese for all?
Anonymous said…
I'm probably paying for a lot of that "free" cheese.
I haven't seen much, if any, of that cheese.
Anonymous said…
No cheese can be seen, but you can observe the gas holes that are formed during fermentation in Washington.
Anonymous said…
Where can we get your recipe?

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