My little baby is growing up

As I type she's on her second (ok third now) bowl (very very small bowls) of prune juice and baby food rice. She loves the stuff. Being the prepper that I am I can't let her get too big before I make sure that I have a good repertoire of great one liners for any boys that she actually convinces me are OK to bring home. So now I call out to you experienced fathers. What do you say to junior when he shows up to pick your daughter up for a date? Maybe you've been junior. Has anyone ever really freaked you out? Tips and ideas are appreciated.


Anonymous said…
When I was a meeting the dad, he gave me the stereotypical "I keep a shotgun under my bed". My response was "hey, me too". I don't think it endeared him to me.
Anonymous said…
Some kids you have to worry about, others not so much. We got way lucky. Our daughter is 16 and a blonde, green-eyed knockout who take honors and AP classes and stays on the honor roll. Wants to be a veterinarian, so we arranged for her to work (unpaid) for a large-animal vet (before we pay tuition let's make sure that there is no "ick" factor...). After two solid weeks of (among other things)fertility testing bulls and dealing with the ranch hands that go with it, there is no mere human male who will ever impress or intimidate her. And no, we are not out in the country. Right smack in a major metro area. The funniest part of this is watching the city boys turn green as she happily discusses her adventures, oblivious to their reactions. I ought to sell tickets.

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