Free Wallet Firestarters!

Leon over at has made a very generous offer to my readers. He's giving away free wallet firestarters for a limited time! Just send him an email that you saw this post and would like to try it out and he'll send you one for free. You can reach him at survivalsenselp at gmail dot com. I already have some on the way and will be doing a review when they show up. Be sure to check out his site, too. It's got a lot of great survival information.


Anonymous said…
Thanks! I can't wait to try one!
Seth in the PNW said…
Sweet! Emailed Leon, hope to see it soon!
Anonymous said…
Maybe it's me, but I don't trust "free" offers. (not that there's anything wrong with this one) I like to do for myself and pay my own way, To me there is something un-American about a culture that wants, then expects free things. Get a "free" power chair at no cost to you!" Get free medical supplies! Buy one, get one "free!" (just pay shipping and handling)

( is looking a "gift horse" in the mouth really a bad thing) :-D
I'm leary about free offers, too. In this case the guy just seems to be marketing a product that he intends to sell soon. They're probably really cheap to produce so I don't feel guilty.
russell1200 said…
Are yuo sure that isn't all that money you have burning a hole in your pocket?


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