Thursday, March 18, 2010

They're multiplying

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I picked up another gallon of that cider since the first batch was doing so well. With the latest batch I started the yeast with a cup of cider and a few tablespoons of sugar. As recommended I used champagne yeast this time. We'll see how it does. I've also had the ingredients for a good batch of beer lying around for a few months that I never did get around to brewing. They've been sitting around long enough and it was beautiful outside tonight. I took lots of pics of the process so I'll put up a guide to brewing from liquid malt extract within the next couple of days. Meanwhile, I found a use for that weight bench that I bought a while back. I think I can fit a few more gallons of home brew on it.


Anonymous said...

Good update! When I have made cider, I have drunk it while it was still fermenting. As it progresses, it will turn to something like dry apple wine. The yeast will stay on the bottom better if you chill it. Pour slow. Slightly bubbly, delicious! ( A living product, not really suited for bottling)

Wendy said...

It's contagious, isn't it? Once you start :).

We've usually got a batch of something brewing. Cider and beer are our usual choices, too.

We use wine yeast for the cider and end up with a medium to dry almost white wine in flavor. It's very good.

The Urban Survivalist said...

Yeah it is contagious. I've been doing it on and off for years but I haven't had time to brew anything up for a while. With the new baby I'm at home a lot more now so it gives me something to do.