Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No more Amazon links

I won't be selling through affiliate links anymore. Colorado apparently just passed a law that will affect the way that Amazon is taxed through affiliates. I'm not sure how it works. A few days ago was the first time that I'd heard of it. All I know is that they canceled my account effective yesterday and have stopped paying referral fees to Colorado affiliates. Once I find a way to get around it I'll start selling things again.


Lucas @SurvivalCache said...

Sorry to hear about that. Amazon is pushing people around because they are the biggest and they know no one can do anything about it.

There is a solution that some people have been using and that is to incorporate.

Since your "business" is online it can be based anywhere. So found an LLC in another state that has not be banned by Amazon. Get a PO box and start a new amazon affiliate account from there.

You should obviously have a quick conversation with a lawyer or CPA but I know several people who are doing this.

Hope you find a way because I enjoy your site.