Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Climate Change Shananigans

It looks like they've discovered more inconsistencies with global warming data. Remember the report that was released by the UN a few years back that claimed that livestock was responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions? The one that said that livestock accounts for more greenhouse gases than transportation. Apparently, they compared the total emissions produced from growing the feed grain to getting it to your plate with how much a car produces while driving. How much of this bullcrap "science" do we have to put up with before we can finally stop taking their word for anything? Climate scientists need to start rebuilding their credibility before we can take them seriously enough to enact sweeping legislation that will wreck our economy even more.


Anonymous said...

Shananigans is right. Climate Change has nothing to do with Climate Science. Facts don't matter. It's all about power and control. Stealing the wealth of the people with the help of do-gooders fools.