Monday, March 22, 2010

How to take out the US power grid

Apparently some academics over in China published a paper that describes how to take out the US power grid. According to them they published the paper so that American scientists and engineers would pay more attention to this threat so that we can find ways to protect against it happening. There were no specifics on how to actually do anything in the paper. They're just trying to help us. How nice.

Between nuclear EMP, solar flares and now the constant barrage of cyber attacks originating from China I put power grid failure as a solid number two for likely TEOTWAWKI scenarios right behind economic collapse. One Second After and Lights Out by Halffast are both good reads on the subject. At least if the grid gets hacked everything would still work if you could power it. You could also still drive your car unless you have one of the new anti theft devices that can disable it remotely. If they're smart enough to hack the grid they'll probably be able to hack your car, too. It makes you wonder if they can cause them to accelerate uncontrollably, as well.


chinasyndrome said...

Very possible.Or just cash in all their bonds.


The Urban Survivalist said...

Which would lead to the most likely TEOTWAWKI event :). Either way, China is our biggest threat right now.

Dustin Tarditi said... - Funny, but htere is some truth to it! Sorry for the ad you have to watch first - that's just Hulu for you.