Thursday, March 25, 2010

Growing hops

What homebrewer's garden is complete without some hops vines? I stopped by my local homebrew store today and picked up some hops rhizomes. At $5.25 these things are a bargain. Once they get established they should produce about 5 pounds or so of hoppy goodness per plant. I'll have to wait to plant them until it warms up a little bit but they survive just fine if you keep them moist in the refrigerator. Once you get them in the ground they take a year or two to get established but once they start producing they produce a lot. Now is the time of year to buy them if you've been thinking about growing your own. I'll post about my experience putting them in the ground once I get them in there.

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ATW said...

I'll be watching closely. I want to get them going as soon as I find a perfect spot