Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life in a Chinese factory

So the factory in China that makes Ipads and Iphones has had a rash of suicides lately. They've had 10 suicides this year. They claim to have prevented 30. Basically the place is a commune. It's a huge complex. 300,000 people live on site. They get paid about $300 a month. Restaurants, hospitals, a supermarket, a fire department and other recreation are provided on site. Workers sleep in a dorm. They wake up, go to work, go back to their dorm, sleep then wake up to start their day again. The conditions at this factory are apparently better than most of the factories in China. And somehow our workforce is supposed to compete with this? Personally, I'd rather live in a travel trailer on a piece of junk land barely scraping by than have to live like that. Hopefully, we never have to sell out our freedom in this country to have a "chance at a better life" like they have to do in places like China.


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There is a famous old apple tv ad against just this sort of "factory"

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Looks like things are not going ot get better for anyone. I've lived in South Korea and experienced Asian culture and pollution; really bad. Here are some related links I've dredged up:

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