Pemmican is a survival food that the Native Americans developed. It's simple. It's easy to make. It stores extremely well (for months or even years). It's lightweight and easy to carry with you. It's very energy rich. You can live off of it for a long time (probably indefinitely). It even tastes pretty good.

So what's in it and how do you make it? It's just fat, dried meat and dried berries. I've used raisins before. I used craisins in my last batch. You can also use strawberries, blueberries or whatever other dried berries that you've got lying around. You could probably even use some other dried fruit if you wanted. The meat isn't important, either. Just make sure that it's dried sufficiently. Once again, the type of fat used doesn't matter. Just make sure you use equal parts meat, berries and fat.

Mix the dried berries and meat together. Then pour melted fat over them. Mix everything well so that the fat saturates (get it? heh heh) the meat and berries. The meat and berries should absorb the fat. Let it sit for a day or so and you'll end up with a nutritious, energy rich food that is lightweight, tastes pretty good and lasts almost indefinitely.


Staying Alive said…
Sounds pretty easy. I have to try this.

Anonymous said…
check out for a detailed recipe.

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