Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to Survive a Riot

Obviously riots are one of the biggests fear that urban survivalists have that rural survivalists don't have to worry about. I saw this on Google. It has a lot of good tips and is worth the read. Check it out and tell me what you think.

How to Survive a Riot


Briel said...

I had the questionable luck to be involved in a riot in Cameroon this Feb. The article seemed to have everything down but I'd advise against the warning telling you to run if the crowd turns against you. Don't run. They'll chase you and unless you can do a 4 minute mile they'll probably catch you. My group (all very non-African) was singled out and held in the center of the mob for quite a while. We just stayed quiet. Eventually half the mob decided to let us go and after a brief scuffle with the other half of the mob we were let go. So if you can't run just stay quiet and hope that these crazy armed men will remember that they have to go home for dinner and their mother will want to know what they did today.
(Also, thank God I was in jeans and not a skirt. The ringleaders kept shattering beer/wine bottles at our feet to keep us moving. If I hadn't been in jeans my legs would have been nothing but so much bloody meat.)

Kevin said...

Also, here is some more humorous and worthless information on surviving a riot: