A Few Movie Reviews

The Plague - One day every kid on the planet under 9 years old falls into a foamy mouthed coma. Every day at 10 they all go into seizures. For 10 years every kid is born with the condition. It's actually a really cool premise and I had high hopes for the movie. There was another great depression. Eventually everyone stopped caring and was losing all hope for the future. Unfortunately it gets horrible once the movie gets rolling. All at once the children wake up one day and go on a rampage and start killing everyone. They're basically zombies with some degree of intelligence. They're hard to kill and they've got some kind of hive mind thing going on. Overall it was pretty horrible. Pass on it unless you're like me and you absolutely must suffer through every zombie movie on the planet no matter how horrible it is.

Deadly Harvest - I took Rangerman's advice and picked this one up. The acting isn't great and it definitely screams "cheesy 70s B movie" but the story was really good. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. There just aren't enough SHTF themed movies out there that aren't completely outrageous or hoaky. This one fills the niche quiete nicely. If you can actually get a "normal" person to sit through this movie you might be able to convince them that there are some parallel's between it and what's going on right now in the world. My wife didn't even make it through the opening credits due to the horrible quality, though. Don't have any high hopes of getting someone that's not interested in survival type stuff into prepping by making them watch this movie. If they can make it through the first 15 minutes there might be hope for them, though. That's where it starts getting good.

Into the Wild - I liked this one a lot. Even my wife admitted that she liked it even though she was convinced that I would be gone when she woke up the next morning. This dude went out and basically did what every guy I know wishes, deep down, that he could do himself. Damn those pesky responsibilities. Yeah he was an idiot for going into the wilds of Alaska with nothing but a bag of rice and whatever else he could carry on his back. The bus was an extremely lucky find and would have been enough of a leg up for most people with some degree of survival skill to stay alive for a long time. Going out there with nothing but a .22 was obviously a bad idea but it served him well all things considered. He had some great philosophies and he wasn't afraid to go out there and do it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this movie to anyone. It's definitely worth the rent and could probably fit quite nicely into anyone's training video library.

Night of the Comet - This is a gloriously cheesy TEOTWAWKI flick. It was made with that intention, though. The whole movie has a real comic book feel. Basically a comet passes Earth. Everyone is anxiously anticipating it. The people that are outside when it goes by are obliterated to dust. The ones that were inside, depending on how well protected they were, either become infected by a disease that drives them crazy and eventually leads to death or are completely unaffected. Between the chicks with uzis, the psycho department store stock boys and the mad scientists in gray jumpsuits this movie has it all. This is one of my favorite SHTF flicks. Everyone should have this one in their library.


Suburban Prepper said…
Cloverfield: It comes out on DVD in a week or so. A monster rampages New York and this group of people that have no SHTF survival skills try to get out. No real survival skills demonstrated but great to watch anyway.
Anonymous said…
+1 for Night of the Comet. Great 80's cheese.
patrick said…
into the mild was a great movie, McCandless's story is tragic, but then so many people have benefited from hearing it...
ChristyACB said…
In Deadly Harvest, I was really shocked that they would actually kill a half baby cow right on screen with a child there, but it sure looks like that is exactly what they did!

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