Some Self Defense Basics

Hey, everyone. If you haven't noticed by now I've been focusing a lot on self defense lately. It seems to be almost completely ignored by people in preparedness circles. I can understand why. It takes a long time to get good at it. There's a lot of getting sweaty and rolling around with other sweaty people. It's pretty easy to get hurt. Especially, if you're just rolling around with your buddies in your backyard. Quality training is pretty expensive. Besides, why learn how to fight when you can just carry a gun? Realistically, though, there aren't too many situations that we should be prepping for that are more likely than getting jumped on the street and sometimes pulling a gun will get you in a lot more trouble than it's worth. Here are some really good videos on self defense basics. Stephan Kesting has a lot of BJJ videos online and he's one of the better "youtube instructors" that I've found. He sticks to the basics and he does a good job of explaining everything thoroughly and simply so that it's easy to understand. Check them out and let me know what you think.


Judo and Karate are some of the best self defense techniques. The children and the girls who are highly vulnerable should be taught these martial arts for their self defense.
Unknown said…
There are a lot of ways to learn self-defense. All you have to do is to make some research. Through social media, one can already learn the basics of self-defense. But then again, if you can pay for actual training, be sure to choose reliable martial arts school, and learn from reputable instructors.

-Saundra Tosh
Y'all Ready said…
Perfect! I was just talking to my husband about getting some self defense instructions.
Marble Creek said…
I have a game on my XBox that teaches self defense and I love it.
kerodin said…
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kerodin said…
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Unknown said…

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Gary said…
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Unknown said…
Awesome! You do that so easily and I guess you have to practise many times. It's really helpful for women to protect themseft. Thanks for share!
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knife defense said…
I have taken many self-defense courses but what I really want to learn is knife defense. I understand, of course, that the number 1 rule is to run away but what about cases where that doesn't work? So I'm still looking for a trainer in Ohio that could instruct me - does anyone know of anyone?
If you think karate BJJ or even MMA will prepare you for the real world, you have another thing coming.
Unknown said…
Your contents are more then sufficient for me.
Danny Lowery
Anonymous said…
BJJ is not an ideal self defense system because it relies too much on being on the ground. Fighting on the ground is tactically the worst place you can be. You lose vision and mobility being on the ground which is a bad thing if there are more than one attacker. Most traditional martial arts are unrealistic to learn quickly due to their complex moves. It takes years to become an effective fighter learning most traditional martial arts. Seek training in Krav Maga. It is a realistic based combat tested form of self defense. Food for thought....
Devin said…
Krav Maga's a good way to go and judo is definitely worthwhile.
Gary said…
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Brandon said…
Very useful information. Many people don't understand the need for self defense and end up victims from violent criminals. Keep sharing.
Anonymous said…
I took aikido for 15 years it AINT bad but I also have found that krav maga is most likely the best real world self defense that there is why do I say that because its what isreal teaches the idf and if a they THINKS ITS GOOD well I don't think you could ask fot better proof
Unknown said…
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