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What a year

This last year has flown by. Between everything going on with the news (has anyone else noticed that the world is on fire?), my job and the baby (who's already almost a year old! Didn't I just bring her home from the hospital?!) I'm still having trouble figuring out where the time is going. Maybe I'm just getting old. I hate to think about how fast it will go when I'm 50. Anyway, despite everything else that's been going on I've still been prepping. I also need to improve in some areas. I admit that I need to spend a lot more time at the range. Ever since the price of ammo skyrocketed I pretty much quit going. A couple hundred rounds every few months just isn't enough to stay proficient. Have you noticed that I don't talk about guns much, anymore? I also need to work out more. I wake up. Go to work. Come home. I have the kid handed to me by the wife when I walk in because "she's been watching her all day". It's not a

A couple of months off is all it takes.....

I take a couple of months off and I don't even make it into the top 50 survival blogs . Sheesh...everybody's a critic. Was it something I said? While I'm disappointed I can't really say that I'm surprised. It doesn't matter what you've done on the internet over the last few years. What matters is frequency and consistency. People care about what you did two seconds ago. Two weeks ago? That's REALLY old news. If you don't keep people interested then their attention is quickly diverted. I've started several posts in the last couple of months but I just never seem to get around to finishing them. Then when I get time to sit down and finish them off they already seem outdated or I'm just not that interested in the topic anymore. I think that the biggest downer is that I keep seeing a lot of what I've been talking about actually appearing in the mainstream media. Why bother repeating stuff? It's not like everything is right