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Motorcycles for SHTF

With a new bike purchase comes a sorry attempt to justify it. Everyone knows that they're dangerous. Cargo space is at a premium and if you've got a whole family to worry about then you won't be packing them up on the back and hauling them anywhere. They do have several advantages over other forms of transportation, though. Improved gas mileage is the most obvious advantage over cars and trucks. The biggest, baddest, most gas guzzling bikes get gas mileage that's on par with "economy cars". With the price of gas on the rise and the likelihood of it getting much more expensive the economics of riding a motorcycle is only getting more appealing. Motorcycles can go places that your car can't. As long as you're not riding an 800 pound cruiser you'll have plenty of maneuverability. If there's a real emergency then one of the worst possible situations could be getting stuck in traffic. In an emergency getting around a traffic jam is a

AK Chest Rig Update

Back in February I made a post about the AK chest rig that I use. A reader just emailed me a link to some mods that you can do. I knew that it would be easy to make some mods and I intended to do something like this myself eventually but just in case I never get around to it myself I figured I'd post the link. Check it out here . He shows how he added some clips to make it easier to adjust and take it on and off. He also provides a link to find some shoulder pads for it. I'll be doing something similar as soon as I get around to buying myself a sewing machine.

The new BOV

As if my garden wasn't keeping me busy enough I just bought a new bike. Don't expect too many updates as long as it's nice outside :). Here is a pic of the garden. I also broke ground in another corner of the yard and planted a few more tomato plants. I'll probably put up a more detailed post later. Here's the new BOV. It's a Virago 750 with less than 8k miles. It runs like a champ and didn't break the bank. Hopefully it won't break me anytime soon.