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A little financial advice

I'm not a financial adviser so you probably shouldn't listen to anything that I have to say on the subject. Everyone else is doing it, though, so I figured I'd go ahead and give you my view. To this day, everywhere I turn, I keep hearing everyone scream "ZOMGZ PAY OFF UR DEBT!11" This was great advice when interest rates weren't that great or even absolutely ridiculous and you could invest your money in places that yielded a very high return. What can you possibly invest in right now that will yield you a better return? What you can do (if you have good credit) is refinance your debts to get lower interest rates. Got a mortgage? Refinance it and get that payment down. Got a car? See if you can get that payment down. Maybe stretch the payment out by a year or two to make it easier on the pocket book. Secured debt isn't a bad thing to have if you manage it correctly. Most people who hate debt think that credit cards are the devil and the core r