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Nothing like spending a week in the hospital

It's been a long, hard nine months (OK so it wasn't that bad) but my wife finally had our daughter. Last week was probably worse than the last nine months combined. Last week we went in for an appointment and the doctors convinced us that she had to be induced. The wifey felt fine and the baby seemed to be OK but they were saying that the ultrasound was measuring low amniotic fluid. Her due date was still a week out but I wasn't going to argue. Anyway, a couple of days after starting the inducement they broke her water (where the midwife was vocally surprised by the amount of amniotic fluid). A few hours later they said that it was OK for her to start pushing. She had an epidural so she couldn't feel a thing. We were basically just watching the monitor and she was pushing when we told her to. After four hours they called a doctor in. We could see the crown of the baby's head but the doctor was skeptical that the baby was going to come out on her own. He w

And the global warming scam continues to unravel

Apparently Phil Jones, the leading global warming "scientist" over at East Anglia University's Climatic Research Unit (yes the same Phil Jones who's email correspondence with fellow global warming scientists was exposed) recently did an interview with the BBC . Not only did he admit that the climate hasn't been warming for 15 years but he also admitted some interesting tidbits like how the Earth was probably warmer during medieval times (through no fault of man) and how he didn't bother to keep track of any of the information that he used to come to his conclusions. After all, there was just so much data to go through and he never thought that anyone would think to question him in the future. This article over at The Washington Post pretty much sums it up. This quote from the article says a lot: "Man is driven by his ego and finds it impossible to think even the weather is not all about him." Meanwhile, the glaciers in the Himalayas aren'

Extreme Survival

I bought this book before Christmas with the intention of giving it away as a gift. You can find a link to it in my affiliate links. There's another version out there but from what I can tell it was written by one of the four authors of this book. The cover looks similar but I'm not sure if it's the same book. Anyway, I was at Ross and it was sitting on the clearance book shelf. It was big and cheap. It looked to be easy to read. It had glossy pages with a lot of pictures. I thought it could be perfect for some less prep minded friends or family members so I picked it up. I never got around to really going through it before Christmas, though, so I decided not to give it away. I just didn't want to give any of my friends or family the equivalent of "Bear Gryll's Survival Guide" unintentionally. Anyway, after sitting in my office for over a month I finally picked it up a few days ago and started thumbing through it. To put it bluntly I was very