Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recipe from preps: Penne Pasta in tomato sauce

Do you cook with your preps? From time to time I'm going to post up a recipe for preps made entirely out of long term storage food that you should probably have plenty of. Mayberry gave me the idea a few days ago. I'll try to post up the recipe and then mention any tweaks you can do in case you're short on something. Of course, if you know that you need something for a recipe that you really like then you'll probably have plenty of it on hand. Experiment, tweak and, most importantly, LEARN HOW TO COOK now so that you can benefit from the cheapest, easiest, most cost effective luxury there is whether the world is ending or you're just having trouble making rent. Anyway, on to the recipe.

What you'll need:

16 oz cup Penne pasta
16 oz Can of chicken
8 oz can of tomato sauce x2
1/4 cup dried onions
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 6 oz can of mushrooms
15 oz can of chicken stock
1 tsp each of oregano, basil, parsley, salt and pepper

Drain the chicken and then brown it in a hot, 10" cast iron skillet. Add the cans of tomato sauce, penne pasta, dried onions and mushrooms. Pour in enough chicken stock so that everything is just submerged. Add the garlic powder and spices and stir it all together. Once it comes to a boil turn off the heat and cover the skillet. Let it sit for 20 minutes and it should be ready to serve.

Tweaks and notes:

You can sub the pasta for any other type of pasta. The chicken can be subbed for just about any other canned or dehydrated meat. I, personally, have a couple of cans of freeze dried hamburger lying around just in case I can't keep the freezer running. If you're using canned chicken you can dump the entire contents of the can into the skillet to save a bit of water/stock. You can use a jar of pasta sauce in place of the tomato sauce. I just prefer the little cans of tomato sauce because they're MUCH more versatile and they're cheaper. If you don't have chicken stock you can just use water. Throw in a bullion cube to spice it up some more. If you've got fresh herbs, garlic, onions, mushrooms or chicken handy you should definitely use those rather than the canned/dried versions.