Monday, February 22, 2010

Nothing like spending a week in the hospital

It's been a long, hard nine months (OK so it wasn't that bad) but my wife finally had our daughter. Last week was probably worse than the last nine months combined. Last week we went in for an appointment and the doctors convinced us that she had to be induced. The wifey felt fine and the baby seemed to be OK but they were saying that the ultrasound was measuring low amniotic fluid. Her due date was still a week out but I wasn't going to argue. Anyway, a couple of days after starting the inducement they broke her water (where the midwife was vocally surprised by the amount of amniotic fluid). A few hours later they said that it was OK for her to start pushing. She had an epidural so she couldn't feel a thing. We were basically just watching the monitor and she was pushing when we told her to. After four hours they called a doctor in. We could see the crown of the baby's head but the doctor was skeptical that the baby was going to come out on her own. He was actually surprised that she had started pushing at all because her contractions didn't seem like they were strong enough to him. After a few more pushes and a couple of rounds with some kind of vaccum thingy he convinced us to go for a c section.

Anyway, the baby is healthy and mom is recovering. We spent four more days in the hospital after the baby was born. Now I'm just waiting to see the ridiculous hospital bill. Asking how much this or that is going to cost when you're having a baby is akin to asking how much extras cost when you're planning a funeral. Next time I won't be so quick to take the doctor's and nurses word for anything when they're being wishy washy. When they start saying things like "just to be on the safe side" or "this is a little unusual" it probably translates to something like "we want to do this on our schedule" or "we can charge you more if we do it this way". If it's actually serious then they won't beat around the bush. I'll know better next time.

So far the baby's been great and everything has gone smoothly since I got her home. The whole sleep thing isn't a big deal to me since I don't sleep much, anyway. At least now I have something to do when I wake up in the middle of the night. Now I've just got to start working her into my preps. The basics like stacks and stacks of clothes, diapers, food, and most of the other basics are covered. Mom's good to go in the milk department. I've been so busy getting the house ready and brushing up on the basics that I haven't done a lot of thinking about "preps" for her. Me being me I've probably got most of the basics covered without even realizing it. If anyone has any glaringly obvious, easy suggestions I'm all ears, though.

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Mrs. D said...

Big congratulations!

You are such a man!!! Is it a boy or girl and weight we need weight. lol

I am very happy for your family. It's such a high to have a new life in the house. Again, congratulations.

The Urban Survivalist said...

It's a girl! She was 8 lbs 9 oz.

Anonymous said...

congrats! extra clothes from goodwill? how about second hand clothes stores for some of the fancier dresses for church and the like? thanks for your work on the blog. delr

Bitmap said...

Congrats and I'm glad everyone is happy and healthy.

If that is your first then you are looking at a whole new life.


Suburban Survivalist said...

Congrats! Glad everyone made it through ok. As I recall, you're in the zombie weeks now - where you'll be like a zombie for lack of sleep.

The docs/RNs were probably applying a heavy dose of CYA.

オテモヤン said...


sobriant74 said...

Congrats, the fun has just started. My two kids are the best thing I've ever done. As far as preps, look into softbums diapers, they are the only re-usable diaper system that works from birth until potty training. Even if you want to use disposable diapers, having a 3pack of these in your preps can make a difference. I keep one in both cars as an "emergency" diaper and there are two in with my prep gear.
Also, I keep a pack each of Gerber graduates Puffs (banana) and Yogurt Melts (the pink kind). They are guaranteed to keep a baby quiet and while I'm not expecting to be hiding in the woods with an infant, it could happen and it would be a good idea to keep the tikes happy and silent.
Enjoy all the fun!

Wendy said...

Congratulations! ... although I'm sorry about the c-section - been there, done that. It wasn't fun ;). On a positive note, I had four more children, none of which were c-sections and the last of which was delivered by my husband here at home ;).

As for preps, I don't know what you're doing for diapers, but I would recommend cloth. They'll save you a small fortune, and children who are cloth diapered tend to potty train sooner.

Other preps I would recommend, if you don't already have them, are some basic books on things like childhood illnesses (Dr. Sears Baby Book is a good one).