Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And the global warming scam continues to unravel

Apparently Phil Jones, the leading global warming "scientist" over at East Anglia University's Climatic Research Unit (yes the same Phil Jones who's email correspondence with fellow global warming scientists was exposed) recently did an interview with the BBC. Not only did he admit that the climate hasn't been warming for 15 years but he also admitted some interesting tidbits like how the Earth was probably warmer during medieval times (through no fault of man) and how he didn't bother to keep track of any of the information that he used to come to his conclusions. After all, there was just so much data to go through and he never thought that anyone would think to question him in the future. This article over at The Washington Post pretty much sums it up. This quote from the article says a lot:

"Man is driven by his ego and finds it impossible to think even the weather is not all about him."

Meanwhile, the glaciers in the Himalayas aren't actually disappearing. We're experiencing the worst winter weather in years all across the globe. Lake Erie is completely frozen over. Crop yields in Africa won't be reduced by 50% in ten years.

Finally, people are listening when holes are pointed out in the global warming alarmist's arguments. Credible people who were keeping quiet about their doubts or who's concerns were just outright ignored are speaking up. Comparing global warming "deniers" to holocaust deniers doesn't work with reasonable people, anymore. I'm just glad that all of this was exposed before the Obama administration could push cap and trade through. Hopefully, they won't be stupid enough to continue to try to pursue it. I can't wait to see how everything plays out. I realize that this is just a bump in the road and that it will only slow the powers that be down but at least we get a breather until they figure out a new way to try to make an enormous power grab.


ralleywolf said...

We are NOT facing the worst weather all across the globe. Where I live it has been an unusually warm winter.

The Urban Survivalist said...

I guess if you're in Vancouver the weather is pretty nice :). Seriously, though, the weather is the weakest part of the whole "global warming is a scam" argument. At this point it's just the icing on the cake.

Eddieapoc said...

So if global warming is a big scam who is gaining from it? I don't get it or agree. I'm sure its happening maybe not as fast as some claim. I'm not losing any sleep over it either way.

Anonymous said...

The people Gaining from it are the one that will strip you of your freedoms all the while taxing you all in the name of the new god Earth...

The Urban Survivalist said...

"Necessity is the excuse for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of the tyrant and the creed of the slave." - William Pitt

Michelle said...


I'm a video reporter from NYC working for Agence France Presse. We are interested in producing a 1.5 to 2 min. video about someone who is a prepper as it appears to be a movement that is gaining interest in the States.

Can we talk offline about this topic? My email is michelle.stockman@afp.com


Anonymous said...

It's funny, how only in the USA, and to a slightly smaller degree canada and Australia, do people doubt a link between warning and CO2 emissions.

Ooh, and, surprise, surprise, it turns out that the people who think AGW is a hoax or a myth, have ideological goals and beliefs that make the existence of AGW very very inconvenient, at best.

It seems all right-wingers think AGW is a myth because, well, the solutions to AGW, well, that's what liberals want! It has to be wrong!

You know what would really convince me on this issue, one way or the other? If upon careful review of the evidence, a staunch right-winger concluded that it _is_ real, and we need to regulate industry starting now.

What would be convincing in the other direction would be if some extreme left-winger examined the evidence and concluded that it's all a myth based on sloppy science.

Funny how everybody's "belief" in AGW or lack thereof manages to neatly justify what they already believed, even before anybody knew the term AGW.

The Urban Survivalist said...

In other words it's akin to religion. The people who believe in it do so based on their faith in the people who are telling them that it's true. They ignore the inconvenient data that might discredit their theories while pointing to anything that they think might help defend their argument and present it as evidence.

From where I sit the idealogues are on the left. They're so convinced that they're right that they're willing to fudge numbers, dismiss dissent without confronting it, claim that they "lost" data that they used to come to their conclusions and outright lie to get their point across.

I don't know anyone who says that there's no such thing as climate change. It's just that reasonable, informed people realize that we don't have enough information to warrant completely destroying our economy based on theories with gaping holes that just keep getting bigger and bigger. There's just as much if not more evidence that climate change is totally natural and that we have very little influence. Remember in the 70s when we were headed for an ice age because CO2 was reflecting the sun's energy? Remember in the 80s when the hole in the ozone was getting eaten away by aerosols? Remember the 90s when the rainforests were disappearing? Now that global warming is falling apart I'm interested to see what new emergency they're going to come up with that we have to act on RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

I put it this way, was watching something called Earth 2100 - basically global warming BS, while it was snowing out side. This was in Georgia -and it has snowed here three times in two months.

Yeah, global warming is crap, and is nothing more that a smoke screen for socialist progressives to take money and freedom from us productive folk.

Max said...

I consider myself a policy pragmatist without any loyalty to a political party (pragmatism is why I am into prepping). I am also fairly well educated in the sciences (I work in a research lab).

Here's what we know:
*The Earth is going through a fairly drastic change in its average climate (drastic by geological standards). It will take a long time to complete.
*CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere are increasing
*The two events above are probably linked
*Humans pump out a lot of extra CO2

Are our activities causing global climate change? Personally, I think we are but I respect someone's opinion if they do not. The climate is a huge, complicated system. It's entirely possible the climate is changing on its own.

So, what can be done and what should be done?

*We should keep an eye on things and do preliminary research into geo-engineering
*Initiate economic incentives for energy sources that do not release carbon

Why do I argue against carbon-emitting energy? Because coal (the biggest emitter) also pumps soot and other crap into the atmosphere. Oil entrenches us in the Middle East.

Nuclear power now, slowly developing wind and solar along the way. That is, in my opinion, the best solution. The way to encourage it is a progressive tax on CO2 (with an exemption for small emitters or emitters in under-served areas).

It makes good sense economically and environmentally.