Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm sick of this racism crap

I don't understand why a racist black person today is perfectly acceptable. Black people were slaves a couple hundred years ago. I get it. For years they didn't have civil rights. I understand. In this day and age they don't have a leg to stand on, though. I do understand why some of the older guys still cling so desperately to their antiquated world views and beliefs. Some of them actually experienced what it was like. What they don't understand is that, as a nation, we got over it years ago. Black people have every advantage in today's society. Obama is a perfect example of that. But "equality" isn't good enough for these people. By "these people" I don't mean blacks in general. I mean the black nationals who believe that this nation still owes us something for the plights of their ancestors. They want to play on white guilt to ensure and expand the advantages that they've "earned". They get to play the victim card whenever they get into a situation that they don't like.

Now we've got the President of the United States supporting that view. He's perpetuating it and encouraging them. Mark my words. This guy learned a thing or two while sitting in the pews of Reverend Wright's church. A lot of these people are delusional conspiracy theorists. Others just realize that they can capitalize on this whole state of mind to gain influence and wealth. Just look at guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. We let them run wild and play the race card wherever they go. Others see what they're accomplishing and that they're getting away with it. Now black people everywhere know that they can just play that card to get what they want. Martin Luthor King would be rolling over in his grave if he knew that the movement that he basically started had devolved into this boondoggle.


Bitmap said...


When you spend all of your time looking for racism you will find it whether it exists or not.

Ken said...

I'm sorry, you don't know what your talking about. I use think the same way you do, but I've been shocked at what my son, who is half black, and an upstanding member of the Air Force, has had to go through. He is constantly getting stopped by police, for doing nothing suspicious. I've learned via. my son's experiences, that being a black man is to live under a constant cloud of suspicion. If you lived your life under these circumstances I'll bet you would also be overly sensitive this type of behavior by the police, even when it might be justified. said...

This is an age old problem that is very difficult to eliminate.

Thinking people will always judge a man by who he really is. Fools will judge a person by a mere glance.

For example, Jesus Christ was dressed like a bum. Barney Madoff wore tailor made business suits. Who would police have harassed and jailed on trumped up charges? We all know the answer to that.

Black, white, yellow, red, judge the man and the deeds not color, religion, social status etc. Show me a racist and I'll show you a fool.

The funny thing is, genetic testing has shown that nearly all of us are mutts - even skin heads often have a good percentage of black blood! There has been alot of "fence jumping" throughout human history.

We are in reality one race. The human race.

The Urban Survivalist said...

I agree with you completely Survival Topics. Just remember that both Berney Madoff and Jesus were jailed and punished. Jesus was just a guy who was constantly challenging the status quo and the government. Anyone who does that on the level that he did it will run into trouble. His legacy lives on. So does MKJ's and hopefully we'll eventually realize his dream. Meanwhile, they're still discovering and prosecuting scammers like Madoff but it'll be a long time before someone who's done it on his level pops up again.

Ken...maybe your right. Then again, most of the times that I was hassled I was a kid in the army. Many of my friends suffered the same treatment whether they were black, white, hispanic or asian. Now that I'm older and wiser I realize that certain actions and decisions attract that kind of attention. You'll never hear from your son why he's being messed with.

I don't think that Obama is a racist. I believe that he's surrounded himself with racists and has spent his life listening to other people tell him how badly they've been treated by the man. That's turned him into an idealist where he believes that he's got to do something about a problem that no longer exists. Have you ever heard him describe an anecdote where he was "hassled" by the man? Maybe he has. Then again, it's common knowledge that he was a drug using partier all the way through college. He's been described as the guy who could go to a party, get trashed, go home and write an A paper that was due the next day. For years he was a community organizer and we all know that having run ins with the cops is part of the job description.

Anonymous said...

When *they* (any of 'em, from Obammy to Sharpton to, well, any of 'em) act like *niggers*, we need to call them on it, simple as that. And, of course, end affirmative action, once and for all.

Ken said...

I guess I was unclear, my son is not being messed with by his colleges in the Air Force, I was just saying that he is an member of the Air Force and upstanding citizen. He is getting messed with by the police, and by people who assume that he must be a criminal because he is black man. He is harassed when he is doing nothing suspicious. I'm saying this because I have witnessed it, and I'm not basing this on second hand reports from my son or anyone else. Also, if had not seen behavior for myself, I never would have believed that people are still ignorant enough to act this way.

Open Minded said...

Ken is right... to a certain degree. If you are a black in a white neighborhood you will be harrassed. That is not an opinion it is a fact. However, this is not reserved for a particular race (because Im white). I was raised in Cheatham housing projects in Nashville and if you look it up that is a black neighborhood, not predominatly black, but a black neighborhood. When i started driving i got pulled over more times than i would go to the gas station. Its not racism, its lazyness. If someone looks out of place they probably are, and that means less work actually looking for the "bad guys" that the cops have to do. And can you really blame them? They have difficult jobs and arent getting paid enough to do the things they do. That is why our founding fathers gave us the constitution.... not even "Heaven sent" (thats a joke) Obama can tell you to get out of your car or house so he can search it for no reason. Chalk one up for American freedoms. My wife, who is black is experiencing what I did when I was growing up, not nearly as bad though but worse than the white lady who lives next door, but its something that, if anything, should help you sleep at night. Law enforcement is protecting and serving at the best of their abilities (most of the time) and if you cant get over being slightly harrassed this isnt North Korea, you can leave. God bless this country as its on its way to hell in a handbasket.

Bitmap said...

Ken, I think your son is being messed with by all the young, male, black criminals out there. They are disproportionally represented in violent and property crimes and unfortunately that tarnishes the image of all young black men.

Even the race warlord Jesse Jackson admits that when someone is walking down the street behind him at night he is relieved if it is a white guy.

My thanks to your son for his service. If more young men had his motivation, ethics, etc. then the suspicion would go away.

Open Minded, it's not laziness, it's narrowing the field or looking for a target rich environment or whatever is the catchphrase of the day. A white guy driving in a predominantly black neighborhood at night has a high probability of being there looking to buy drugs while there is little chance he is on his way to a job or that he lives there, so he gets more attention.

Wildflower said...

White guys who have no truck with blacks in the first place, have no clue about racism--what it is or how it feels. You need to leave the topic alone. Seriously. It just makes you come off as ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Really, do we have enough information to conclude whether it was the professor or the police officer that is to blame? I don't think so - it is the word of one against the other. Is it possible that both men were egotistical? Yes! The cop challenged the homeowner's right to be in his own domain, and the homeowner challenged the cop's ability to be fair. My theory is that the whole thing went south on an alpha-male reason that had more to do with tone of voice and how each eyed the other, not on what was said.

Katie said...

"What they don't understand is that, as a nation, we got over it years ago"

But... it's not up to YOU to decide if we're over it or not. It's not your wound to get over. So to make a statement that we "got over it", that's completely false.

Clearly, we aren't over it. If we were over it, then there would be no credence to Mr. Gates complaint, and it would be a non-issue.

Re-read what Ken said in comment #2. You're not black, you don't know what it's like. I'm not black either, so *I* don't know what it's like, but I at least have the common sense to realize that I can't say whether or not racism is dead when I am part of the majority.

Usually, I agree with the things you write, but this statement just bugs the hell out of me. It's not YOURS to get over.

The Urban Survivalist said...

Look...I'm not racist at all. But when a black guy starts giving me attitude because I'm white and he's black then it's racism. When they see racism in every action that doesn't equate to bowing down and giving them a free pass for whatever it is that they're doing then I have a big problem with it. When other white people are apologetic and feel like they have to go out of their way to find ways to "make ammends" then it just fosters that whole attitude. If we don't start talking about it then no one will ever get over it.

Abraham said...

Spoken like a true white guy.

We're not quite as color blind as you think.

Black people get worse healthcare than whites. Black people pay higher interest in mortgages than whites. Black people pay more for auto insurance. Black babies die more often. The list goes on. 1/3 of black men are involved in the criminal justice system. Black people can't even catch a cab.

If you have black friends you should ask them about their experiences.

Brent B. said...

Look, I'm a black 24 year old that made it out of the ghetto and I've made it pretty well. I gotta say, all this talk of blacks having some type of disadvantage is crap. True, we do have less/worse access to alot of things, but its mainly due to economics. Blacks that don't have money don't get to visit a doctor as often, go to good schools, or much else that well-off blacks get.

Please stop making a race issue out of a socio-economic one.

Also, I've been pulled over for DWB and I attribute it to stupidity, nothing more.

shinerbock said...

Amen brother, equal rights does not mean special rights. The racism card is getting very old.

Michael said...

As a white man, I used to think racism was ignored by most white people and something lazy black people used to justify their failures. That changed when I started dating my girlfriend. She is black, and dating her has exposed me to things I didn't know still existed. There are places she can't drive through without getting pulled over, or accosted. I've been warned that if I go there with her, I will likely be beaten to death for being a traitor to the white race.

My woman is an engineer with outstanding credentials, but couldn't even get a job interview in certain towns.

Racism is alive in this country. White people just have the privilege of either ignoring it or being oblivious to it.

BasinBictory said...

To katie - you may not be black, and therefore don't "know what it's like," but you are a woman, and I'm sure you'd scoff at the notion that sexism is no longer relevant, if it was espoused by a man pointing at examples like Hilary Clinton, Condolleeza Rice and the numerous successful women in politics and other fields. Sexism, like racism, does still unfortunately exist, and only those on the receiving end of it can adequately describe whether or not it's a big deal in their lives.

Joseph said...

True, you will find racism when you look for it. However, if you fail to appreciate the lasting effects of long-term institutionalized slavery/segregation/racism then you are just as foolish as those who play the race card whatever chance they get.

Two Points
One. Racist people exist in all classes and colors. Here, we are talking about black/white relations. As a white person, you never have to worry that the white majority (or any particular white person) dislikes you because you are white. As a black person you always ask yourself that question. Not necessarily because you want to, but because you simply just don't know. You never know if a white person dislikes you because your black, or for a legitimate reason. You never know if someone is judging you because you are black, or for some legitimate reason. You never know what role, if any, you blackness plays in the way you are perceived and judged. It's not necessarily that you look for racism. Rather, racism has existed for a long time and continues to exist-- so you never really know if and when you might be dealing with it. Most people wont walk up to you and say "hey nigger, I dont like you because you're black". But that doesn't mean they aren't racist and wont judge you, treat you differently, think negative thinks about etc because youre black.

People act like because slavery is over and segregation is over that everything is magically fixed. It baffles me that full-grown adults actually entertain this ridiculous notion. Consider an analogy. If someone breaks your arm in one place it may take several weeks or months to heal. If someone breaks your arm in 2 or 3 places it will take even longer. But lets say someone doesn't just break your arm...they beat you to the brink of death, break every bone in your body, put you in a coma. Even with the best medical care and the best rehabilitative efforts, how long will it take to heal from that beating? It will take more than a week, or a month, or even a year. It will take several years. And may injuries will NEVER fully heal. You will be injured forever. Well, in the scope of human events, slavery, jim-crow, segregation, and institutionalized racism are the equivalent to a major ass-whooping on the black race and on American society in general. We may have healed somewhat. But to think that we are totally healed is foolish, short-sighted, and ignorant.