Life in China

Wanna know what life in China is really like? Just ask a motorcyclist. This guy rode all over southwest China on a 200cc dirtbike and documented his entire trip. It gives really good insight into what day to day life is like for a lot of Chinese. It also gives us a small glimpse of how they regard foreigners. After reading this guy's ride report it gave me a really good idea of just how far we have to fall. This is how a lot of their people live yet somehow they're regarded as our competition. It also just goes to show that no matter how bad things seem you can always make the best of things if you've got the right attitude.


Cygnus MacLlyr said…
The last photo-- That's one LOADED DOWN BIKE!!! ha!

nice insight, urban...Thanks!
John said…
I love traveling stories like these. Try and find the kid from Norway who rode his bike to China. It was a real survival story.
Anonymous said…
Don't be fooled. China certainly has a long way to go, but make no mistake: it is a rising power and we are the declining power. They have a trillion dollars in the bank. We have a trillion-dollar balance on our credit card bill.

We'll see it in our lifetimes.


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