Sunday, February 15, 2009

If you're gonna ride wear your gear

I took my Virago for a ride today and decided to hit up some twisties. It was a beautiful day but there were a lot of icy patches and tons of sand on the road everywhere I went. I ended up going down pretty hard. I was wearing good gear so I walked away without a scratch. My bike was a little beat up but fixing it should be cheap and easy. I rode it home so it couldn't have been in too bad of shape. It just took a little bit of ingenuity.

The skid mark:

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The McGuyver fix on the broken shifter that managed to hold together long enough to get home:

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Anonymous said...

that sucks man.. I'm still looking at my Virago sitting in the garage waiting for when I can fire it up again... hopefully you didn't damage the bike too bad...

Jennersen said...

I am glad you are ok, and the fix will not be difficult.

Anonymous said...

Had a buddy break a throttle cable in a race..he took off the casing,just pulled on the cable all the way to the finish line! I've used vice grip's as a shifter before! Alway's improvise!
Dean in Az

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Yet, another use for bungie cords, a biker's best friend. :-) Love your blog dude!

All the best,