Monday, January 26, 2009

Swedish Mora Sheath

I'm a big fan of Swedish Mora knives. There aren't too many better knife options out there for less than $100. It beats everything hands down for less than $50. At ~$10 a pop they're a steal. I do have my gripes about them, though. First of all I hate the hard plastic handle. Some of the versions out there have a rubberized grip. The one that I have doesn't. I solved the problem by wrapping the handle with 550 cord. That ensured that I have an extra 10 foot length of 550 cord with me when I'm carrying the knife. It also provided a loop to make it easier to hold onto. Obviously, it also made a better grip and it made the handle bigger and wider which makes it a little easier to hold onto (for me).

The other gripe that I have is the sheath. I'm just not a fan of that hard plastic sheath. It's functional but it'll scratch up your belt when you put it on. Also, after I wrapped up the handle I couldn't get the knife to seat properly because of the rim. Then I remembered a post that M.D. Creekmore over at The Survivalist Blog made a few months ago about making a leather sheath for his mora. I don't have the tools or any of the materials for leatherworking and I decided that buying all of the stuff that I would have needed wouldn't be worth it. We had been corresponding via email, anyway, so I went ahead and asked him how much it would cost for him to make me one. Once we agreed on a price I sent the money and he sent me the sheath.

It showed up in my mailbox today. The craftsmanship was good. It was much nicer than I expected, actually. I'm no leatherworker and I don't own a whole lot of leather goods so It's kinda hard for me to write an accurate review on that end. We'll just say that I was pleasantly surprised and I won't be embarrassed to show it off. A picture is worth 1000 words so I've included some. When I slid the knife in the sheath was way too big. That was no biggie. I just cut the top off of the plastic sheath that the knife originally came with and slid the bottom part inside. It was a perfect fit. I'll probably glue it down to make it a bit more secure but I don't think that it's really necessary. It fits securely enough as is. And now for some pics:

The sheath, knife and plastic insert

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The knife and the plastic sheath inserted in the leather

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The knife snugly inserted in the sheath

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If you have a Mora knife and you hate the sheath as much as I do but you don't know crap about leatherworking then you might want to send M.D. Creekmore an email and see if he'll hook you up. I'm very pleased with his work.


Scott said...

I have a Cold Steel kukri machete I'd love to do the 550 paracord handle wrap with. Directions? I kind of remember seeing a how-to once, somewhere...

The Urban Survivalist said...

Here's the tutorial that I used

tjbbpgobIII said...

They used to sell a product at Santa Fe tools, I forfet the name but it is a type of coating similar to the undercoat on an automobile. I have covered several of my knives with it and it is marvelous stuff but I haven't had to seriously make use of the knives yet, ie blood or other slippery materials.

Survival Spot said...

That ones cool, personally I like the CRKT first strike. It's got a similar wrapped handle but I think theres some kind of hardening agent.

theotherryan said...

That looks like a darn nice sheath. I love the slip in ones like that.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done sheath by Mr. Creekmore, and really solid knife (I bought 5 of these, gave several to family as gifts).

ReginaPhalange said...

Nice. Between the wrap and the sheath, it barely looks like a Mora. Not that it's bad for a Mora to look like a Mora. I have one (different model) and I like it just fine. But yours looks like an entirely different knife with the customizing you did.