The new BOV

As if my garden wasn't keeping me busy enough I just bought a new bike. Don't expect too many updates as long as it's nice outside :). Here is a pic of the garden. I also broke ground in another corner of the yard and planted a few more tomato plants. I'll probably put up a more detailed post later.

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Here's the new BOV. It's a Virago 750 with less than 8k miles. It runs like a champ and didn't break the bank. Hopefully it won't break me anytime soon.

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Anonymous said…
Looks like a real gas saver and a wise investment.

You have plenty of room to expand the garden - amazing how much a small space like that can produce if done right.
scoutinlife said…
Nice Bike and a great lookin garden! said…
Looks like you've got a little square foot gardening action going on there - nice. You could also run bean plants and any other vining plant up the side of that fence. Bean plants produce a lot, peas too.
I'm thinking about growing hops along the fence. I've got another piece of south facing fence on the other side of the yard that I'll probably do the same thing with.

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