Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ignorance is bliss

Lately I've seen more and more people talking about how they sense something bad just around the corner. Obviously the news has a lot to do with that. The internet has changed the way that we receive our news. It's becoming more and more easily accessible and big stories are being distributed much more quickly. You don't have to pay for a newspaper subscription and read about it the next day or have the tv on at a certain time to find out what's going on these days. You just click a button on the internet and you can find out about what just happened five minutes ago. Also, people can take that news and run with it. You get to see people's thoughts and reactions to it real time. Stories are quickly and easily sensationalized. You have experts on both sides trying to break it down. It's easy to point to one expert's take on what's going on while completely ignoring another expert that's saying something completely different.

Unfortunately, when normal people that don't really understand something have to come to their own conclusion about it they're easily confused. Confusion leads to fear. That's how talks about gun bans get started when someone shoots up a school or how talks of recession lead to people thinking that the next great depression is about to go down. It only takes a few loud voices to create an air of uncertainty. The internet connects everyone so easily and gives everyone a means to voice their concerns and opinions about everything that happens in a medium that anyone, anywhere can see and hear. It's dangerous to the establishment and it's dangerous to our current society. Most people just can't deal with knowing more than they need to know.

I think that something big is about to happen in the foreseeable future. I think that the free flow of information is going to be a major contributor to it. It's already gotten the ball rolling. We'll either come out of these hard times with an even greater value for the free flow of information or the powers that be will find a way to put a stop to it. I like to think that when people finally get to choose between taking the red pill and the blue pill that most of them will take the red pill. Unfortunately I think that the vast majority would rather just take the blue pill and not have to worry about any of this crap anymore.