Friday, December 7, 2007


For my first post I'll just tell you all a little bit about me. I grew up in a small town. I spent a few years in the Army infantry. I skipped college and eventually landed a solid job. Ever since then I've been stuck in the burbs working in the city. I was never really worried about much and didn't give any thought to the idea that our way of life could end. Y2K didn't scare me at all. 9/11 only pissed me off. Then Katrina hit NOLA. That woke me up. Ever since then I've been in overdrive just trying to get caught up. I've spent a lot of time on several different survivalist message boards. I've kept up on several different survival blogs. I've read books. More importantly I've been actively prepping. I don't pretend to know everything but I feel like I've got enough information to start sharing it with other people outside of a message board argument.

One thing that all of the blogs and the majority of the survivalist message board members have in common is that they discourage living in the city and they encourage massive sacrifice to live a certain type of lifestyle. I like having a car with a warranty. I like having a big screen TV. I like to eat out at restaurants. What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to give people ideas that allow them to have all of that but still put themselves ahead of 99% of the masses if the ball ever does drop. I realize that if the world ever ends I'd be much better off on my homestead in the middle of nowhere than I'll be in the city. I also realize that I'm a lot more likely to starve, go crazy or constantly berate myself for giving up the lifestyle that I love because of the off chance that the powers that be couldn't hold society together if it never happens.


Anonymous said...

Great blog sir, and I share your sentiment regarding the need to continue living "in two worlds", as it were.

theotherryan said...

Kudos to you, I think more people talking about a realtively balanced approach is great. It will turn alot more people onto preparadness then the crowd that preach it is essential to live in the middle of nowhere and spend every dollar you have on prep items. More people getting prepared means fewer refugee/potential looters running around which is good for everybody.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone out there tell me if you need to be in an underground shelter in case of nuclear fallout if you are taking Nukepills? Please help!