Doug Hoffman

There's a campaign going on in NY District 23 right now. The current representative of the district, John McHugh, was recently chosen as the new Secretary of the Army. Now they have to hold a special election for the district. They'll be electing a new congressional representative in just a few days. The Democratic candidate is endorsed by SEIU. The Republican candidate is endorsed by the Working Families party which is an arm of ACORN. From what I've read the Democrat is more conservative than the Republican in this race. Luckily, there's a conservative candidate who's gaining a lot of traction. His name is Doug Hoffman. Considering that the other two candidates are fully backing their two candidates (Obama actually held a fundraiser in NY for the Democrat) the guy is way behind in fund raising. This is a chance to get a true conservative into Congress. Go check out his website here. If you like what he stands for then throw him a few bucks.

This guy isn't in my district. I don't like the fact that anyone can support anyone's candidates whether they're in their state or district or not. Unfortunately, the big parties do it. Grassroots efforts are the only way that we'll beat the big dogs. A few bucks here and there goes a long way when millions of people can be involved. Members of Congress have a lot of impact on the country. Some people seem to think that we can't stop this government takeover. I believe that we still have time. We just need to keep our ear to the ground and find the candidates with the right values and real convictions. One at a time we need to replace the establishment elites with real people who have our best interests in mind. I think that Doug Hoffman will be a good start.


David said…
Politics, blech. I saw that you put up a post in google reader and I was all excited to read about "Suburban & Urban Survival * Staying Alive * Emergency Preparedness * SHTF * TEOTWAWKI." Instead I find shilling for a republican that's too republican for the republicans? I've been reading you for a long time. It's your blog and you can do what you want, but this behavior is not conducive toward my wanting to stay subscribed to you.
I've always sprinkled politics in with my posts. Politics are probably more important to survival than how much food you've got stashed in your basement. I don't care if people are Republicans or Democrats. I want people in power who aren't entrenched in the establishment. This guy isn't some Republican shill. If he gets elected it will be because the people wanted him. It will help to set a precedent for 2010.
Inox said…
This has zero effect on me as a Canadian, and I'm not trying to stir up any huge debate, so please understand that I'm just asking this out of genuine curiosity. What do you think about this guy's stance on abortion and gay marriage? I discovered survivalism a couple years ago, and tried to get into the online community, but I've always felt a bit...unwelcome is perhaps a bit too strong, but out of place because of my sexuality. I completely understand survivalists supporting conservatives on things like gun control and the economy, but I've always wondered how many of them support them on these issues as well.
David said…
Inox, it kind of depends. The survivalism movement, like many other groups, is not monolithic but rather a coalition of several distinct groups. Some survivalists are hemp-wearing hippies that are into survivalism because of its promise of sustainability and self-sufficiency. Others are libertarians that are survivalists because they value their liberty so much that they seek to disengage from public systems of support. These two groups are generally fine with abortion and gay marriage, with the exception of some libertarians that aren't as consistent as they should be (Ron Paul on abortion, I'm looking at you). On the other hand, some survivalists are motivated by religious end-of-the-world fear mongering, and you'll get no tolerance from them. For example, mormons are (as a group) very into survivalism, but have a history of institutionalized racism and intolerance of anyone who isn't mormon.

So it's kind of case-by-case.
I'll never find a politician who sees eye to eye with me on everything. I've got my list of issues and priorities. Abortion rights and gay marriage are both near the bottom. Unfortunately, with our current system, it's impossible to find a serious candidate who I agree with on what I consider important AND what I don't consider a priority. We have more important things to worry about.

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